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Welcome to the Floss FM website! - Updated  on 29/05/2012

Ross D. Robertson | Create your badge
Update 19/11/2007 - Again another year rolls by without nothing of note to report on this website. As its been ten years (yikes!) since I started the NC Media Production course at Glenrothes College, I guess its time to stop updating this website.

If you click on the badge above it will take you to my bebo page, [now changed to Facebook page (05/2012)] that's the page I update the most. I guess when you think about it, maybe the FlossFM website was like a mini-bebo for the class. I should have developed and sold the idea!

Anyway, go on to Facebook and leave me a message!

See you soon,


Old News:


I have uodated Darren Rozier's page with a brief resume that he emailed me a couple of months ago about what he's been up to so far.

If you've got any updates or anything that you want on the site then email me at the usual address. If you dont hear from me within a few days or you get a 'bounce' I'm afraid its been caught in my spamfilter. i get over 500 emails a day, 490 odd are spam. You could try leaving a message on my myspace page or on the guestbook now that I've set it to email me when someone leaves a message. (Sorry John!)

Click here for my obligatory Myspace page (about several years after everyone got on that bandwagon!)


Older News:

I've heard from Queen Management that my mix is going to be used on the forthcoming live DVD and CD release from the 2005 tour. I'm going to have my name on an official Queen release! Yay! It's a daunting thought but my mix could be heard by millions of people! As ever, my thoughts about all of this are on my blog.

Some thrilling but shocking news over on The Floss Mixes site - one of my mixes is being played out to around 20,000 people every night as the into tape to Queen + Paul Rogers' current world tour!

To anyone who needs to know - my mobile phone number has changed. Drop me an email if you need/want it! I've also moved from Falkland and now living in "Costa del Dysart" (!) next to Kirkcaldy so if anyone wants to meet up for a drink or ten then drop me an email or text message!

I've also joined the blogging revolution so if you'd like a peek inside my thoughts about anything and everything, then head over to my blog.

See Ya!
Ross. :o)

So, what is FLOSS FM anyway?
It's basically an unofficial website of the 1998-99 HNC Radio Broadcasting and 1999-2000 HND Television and Radio Production courses at Glenrothes College in Fife.

I'm Ross Robertson and I was on these courses plus the NC Media Production course during 1997 and this website kinda chronicles what happened there with a heavy bias to what I did! Lol!!

Who is Ross Robertson?
I'm 27 and I specialise in Radio Production and Presentation.
I am currently based in the sleepy historic village of Falkland in East Central Scotland but am willing to travel almost anywhere!
I am also an amateur music mixer, I say "amateur" cos I don't have any specialised equipment but the raw talent and ideas are there!

Cool! I want to listen to what Ross can do.
I will be uploading my Radio Presentation and Radio Production Demos very soon.
But in the meantime, you can listen to some jingles I created here.





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