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Radio Shows (1998/199)
Here are some shows that  I recorded while messing about in the studio:

1) College Radio (Pre-Comic Relief show). Listen here.

2) Lunchtime Broadcast with Sharon Webster. Listen here.

3) Lunchtime Broadcast With Andy Morgan (Friday 14th May 99). Listen here.

4) Floss FM Magazine Show. With Daz Rozier. Listen here.


Floss FM Magazine Show (1999)
This was one of the HNC course projects that we had to do. It is a speech based programme with interviews that we did. But as a different twist, we 'mucked up' the interviews and gave the programme a "Chris Morris" edge to it.

Our group for this project was Darren Rozier, Myself and Leigh Morrison but as Leigh buggered off to Kingdom FM as we started it, so we were down to two. We did have to use two interviews that Leigh eventually submitted. They were offcuts of stuff she did for Crapdom FM and were totally out of character to the rest of the show. Pitty.

Anyway, look out for Darren doing his impression of Murray Walker for the "Life of the Drivers" section. Class.

 To listen to the shows, you must have real player installed on your computer. All shows are copyrighted!



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