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 Misc Photos (2000)
All of the photos that don't have a category.

Here is Joanne enjoying a cup of tea and a nose at the paper during Daz's Train Station shoot. Jeez, we students have an easy life, don't we?! Not really as this was the umpteenth take and the tea was stone cold! On the full video (which might be on-line later) you can clearly see Joanne wince when she takes a slurp of tea!

From L to R, Daz, Joanne and James Donaldson try to make it look to the camera that people actually use Kirkcaldy Railway station! We were trying to get a shot of the crowds(!) streaming through the subway bus as luck would have it, as soon as the camera came out, the people vanished. So when you can't get reality - fake it!

Joanne in Edit Suite Two, editing would you believe... that's what you do in edit suites... editing... yep...



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