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 Fife Alive (2000)        Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4

For my multicamera project, I decided to sort of base most of it around The Royal Family shoot by doing a live, in studio interview with John Morrison & Joanne Murray who were both camera ops for the shoot. I also played in some Soft News Stories in from VT. On this page are some pictures from the multicam shoot and, when I get the time, the full video to download in RealVideo.

UPDATE 18/6/2000 - The full video is available to download as a RealVideo file by clicking HERE. If it won't download properly, right-click over the link and select 'save as' from the pop-up menu. It's a fairly big file at 14.9Mb but it is worth it!

It was the first multicam shoot to go ahead, so everyone is a bit nervous and 'cardboard' but coming soon is Daz Rozier's multicam shoot and Ben is on top form there I can tell you!

Ben Blood, the presenter, reading the script: "Let's go over to Daz Rozier at Cadam Campus of Glenrothes College"

"...what?... Am I on yet?..."

"This... is a computer."

"...hmm... yes... now how does it work?..."

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