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 "Slated!" - A brief and pointless history of the slate. (2000)

A Slate is what we use to identify what we are filming. This is supposed to help us when it comes to editng the piece. Here at Glenrothes College we don't have the 'clapperboards' that everyone else seems to have so we have to make do...

...with a piece of paper. Here you can see, below Nicky's eyes, what it is that we are filming, who the camera operator is, who the director is, the shot number and how many times we have taken to get it right. In this rare instance we have got it right first time!

Above is what happens when you just can't be bother writing all the information out! And when the ruddy pen starts to run out!

Hmmm... Yes.... but intro to what?!

Allrighty! This is more like it! This is about as good as it gets with a bit of paper!

...that's until Ben and Neil had the great idea of printing out a 'blank' slate from the computer and then laminating it. Now we can use these dry-wipe marker pens to write what it is we are doing and then simply wipe it away and re-use it! I think that this should be voted the Invention Of The Century!



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