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●Update from Andy: 19th February 2004:

"A few things then, I am still mid-morning presenter @ Wave 102, our website is back up and running –
The photo I sent you is obviously used for the website and the copyright for it lies with David Moran, just to keep the peace (you don’t want to be sued do you??)
(It'd make a change from another radio station trying to sue me! LOL! Anyway, photo credit given. :o) -Ross!)
I am back living in Glenrothes after spending 2 years in Dundee.

Andy's Photo © David Moran 2003

●Update from Andy: 16th August 2003:

"I am now THE mid-morning presenter on Wave 102 in Dundee (11am - 3pm),
I somehow managed to get the gig full-time (probably cause no-one was in the running for it!!!)
Ha ha, in all honesty I had good reports about my dep work and so I got the gig. :0)

I still have my m-reg metro and I have now been living in Dundee for over a year and a half now.
AND I am quitting djing at Styx in Kirkcaldy at the end of November because of my new full-time job.

Hope everything is going well with everybody, it would be nice to catch up with some old college mates at some point!!

Speak to you soon
Andy Morgan"

●Another Update from Andy: 15th July 2003:

"hows it going currently i'm doing dep work at wave 11 - 3pm and hitlist on a
sunday 4pm - 7pm and we will see if i get a full time gig up here at wave

Floss FM Spies have heard Andy doing the overnight show on Wave 102 and he is pretty good. Almost sounds like a DJ!! Although for the nitpickers amount you, he was a couple of seconds early into the IRN news at 1am on 16/07!!!! Seriously though, good stuff. :o)

●Update July 2003 - An email from Andy:

"Checked out your website much improved looking rather funky!!!
Just to give you an update:-
I am working in Carpetright in Dundee have done for one year. I have also stayed in Dundee with my fiancé for the same amount of time.
I dj at Styx as you know every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Until last week I was presenting the breakfast show on a Wednesday at Classic VRN 1287, hospital radio in Kirkcaldy.
I drive an ‘m’ reg metro 1.4i, gta and it is rapid!!!! I am now 21 years of age and still hoping to break back into radio!!!!
That’s about it till next time speak to you soon, toodlybye!!!"

●Update November 2002 - Andy is DJ'ing at Styx Pool Club in Kirkcaldy at the weekend. One of my regular venues! :o)

●Update June 2002 - I ran into Andy at Safeway's Petrol Station in Glenrothes and he says he is a partner in a civil engineering company which puts up mobile phone masts among other things. Cool!

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