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 Colin Byiers (1998-2005)       (HNC) Page 1     

"The one they call 'Coco'"

Update 09/2005

Colin writes... "I see from my profile that there hasn't been an update since 2000, tut tut! Well here is everything you need to know."

"I was at Northsound for a while doing jackshit for jackshit pay, then I went to Waves Radio which is a local station in Peterhead. But I wasn't enjoying the work so I decided in 2002 I needed a career change. I am now a chef at a local hotel and loving every minute of it. I am also engaged to be married to my very sexy girlfriend Maria."


Update 2000:
Romours put Colin working in some capacity at Northsound Radio.

In 1999, Ross wrote: "He is from Aberdeen, whoops sorry, Mintlaw and obviously has a very strong Aberdeen accent which make him a bid hard to make out! Only Joking! I think you'll be able to download one of his shows on the Floss FM site soon, and If I remember rightly, I edited most of the music out because it was that awful Oasis crap. Eurgh!

Checkout the "Coco @ the BBC" page!"

"King Colin"


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