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●Update December 2007: Darren writes...

Since graduating from Warrington Collegiate with a 2:1
in Media Studies with Radio Production, life has been
tougher than I expected.  I sent off a load of demos
to various radio stations, but with no success. 
Meanwhile, I continued to work at ASDA's Stowmarket
store on checkouts until it bored me so much I nearly
went mad!  Asking for a transfer to trolley collecting
(a lower-down job, but more interesting as it got me
outside and away from a desk) I was permitted to
re-assume the job that I originally put in for when I
joined the company back in 1997.  I continued doing
this until the summer of 2003 when I handed in my
notice and began to look for something more
stimulating.  I landed a job as a barman at a pub in
North Suffolk, which is a story all of its own as the
landlord didn't even give me a proper interview. 
After hearing that I had served nearly 6 years at ASDA
he shook my hand and said "welcome aboard!  Can you
start tonight?"  The answer, of course, was yes.

After having started my shift I was given minimal
training and left to get on with it in the company of
another new guy.  It was the blind leading the blind! 
On top of this, the bar manager kept wondering why I
had to keep asking for his help over certain things. 
It turned out that the landlord had told him that I
was an experienced barman and that I could just be
left to get on with it!  He just didn't want to do any
work himself,  He just sat in the back room watching
telly, leaving us to just get on with it.

Still, after a couple of months those landlords moved
on and a new team of premier managers came in and
overhauled the whole place, bringing a professional
edge to the business that had been lacking for some
years.  They were really good people and very easy to
get on with, but the locals and certain staff members
began to get on my nerves after a while and, when the
parent company announced that the pub was being put up
for tenancy and that the managers were being moved out
after only a few months of being there, I think the
writing was on the wall at that point.  It just took
me a little while to see it.

On the day the next lot of managers came in I handed
in my notice and left.  I spent the following month
working as a barman at a hotel in Stowmarket, but a
bit of a falling-out with one of the supervisors set
me to take my services elsewhere.  I tried working as
a warehouse operative at a local factory, but I didn't
even complete my training.  I knew it wasn't for me so
I dropped out and began to look for a job as a driver
- my second love to radio work.  I was taken on as a
parts delivery guy at a local Volkswagen dealership,
which was good to start with, but the pay was rather
poor for what they were asking me to do - to get
involved with sales and various bits of paperwork and,
for something that I wasn't naturally talented at, it
was just too much.

Meanwhile, I had sent an e-mail to the managing editor
of BBC Radio Suffolk with the possibility of getting
some work there.  I had tried on a couple of previous
occasions, but no cigar.  That very night, the editor
rang me up, saying he was desperate to fill a couple
of weekend positions on the sports programme.  I went
and had a chat with him a couple of days later and the
rest, as they say, is history.  As more work came up,
I was offered more and more until the assistant on the
late show managed to bag his own early breakfast show
and I was offered 3 months doing his job, as well as a
6 hour Sunday morning shift covering 2 programmes.  I
jumped at the chance and served notice on my delivery
job in January 2006.

Now I help out on the late show and the Sunday morning
programmes; I take clips from national radio to be
used in our sports programmes on a Saturday afternoon;
I'm involved in some of the publicity side of things:
putting our banners up outside Ipswich Town football
ground on days that home games are played; I've
recently poked my head into tech-opping on OBs and
I've recently been commissioned to do a little
research for the Sunday morning show.  So things going
very well in Darrenland at the moment!


●Update August 2003: After ages I have finally managed to get the 'Disco' lighting project video online, edited with some music and a little message from Darren himself! (see the green photo below!)

Click here or right-click and select "save as" if you want to download it or if aren't on broadband.

You need the latest version of Real Player, currently "Real One" which can be downloaded free from


"Daz at Warrington Collegiate in 2001."

●Update Feb 2003: After graduating from Warrington in 2003 with a BA Hons degree in Media Studies with Radio Production, Darren now works at Asda in Stowmarket as a Greeter. What is wrong with the radio industry??? This is your IDEAL BBC local radio presenter and here he is, trained to the hilt and with experience of broadcasting on MFR, Wire FM, The Source 1251AM and BBC local stations and he is stuck working at a supermarket. Unbelieveable! :o/


  "Groovin' on down!"

"Darren, after on of Ben's jokes!"

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