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 David McCooey (1998-1999)       (HNC) Page 1     

Update 09/03/2000:
David left a message on the old Floss FM guestbook and he writes...
"I've got a paid job at Moray Firth Radio in Sponsorship and Promotions, it might be temporary, but on the other hand it might not, we'll just have to wait and see."
All of us here at Floss FM Towers wish Dav the best of luck!

In 1999, Ross wrote: "Pronouced "mac-oo-ie" so I don't know if the above spelling is right. His dad, the 'legendary' Titch McCooey, works at MFR (Moray Firth Radio) or someplace so he has some prior knowledge or 'the biz'. He is OK, a bid mad at times but Ok.
He seems to be the only one who surfs by this site from the course, with the exeption of Daz and Sharon who both have said that they have visited it. David if you do read this, how about giving me a copy of one of your shows so I can stick it on the Floss FM site?
He's also the guy who has been taking most of the colour pictures of the HNC Radio Crew (and annoying them in the process), so if you think the photos are dodgy blame him not me!
Also has the tendancy to get very annoyed at something or someone and kick the table and stomp off muttering all sorts of colourful metaphors. Indeed!"


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