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Update October 2003: I received this email from some lowlife:

"Dear fatmaster, oops webmaster,
I happened to stumble across your very un-impressive website and noticed the page you have on my friend Leigh Morrison. I just thought I'd drop you a note to set the record straight.
Leigh left Citv of her own accord. Since leaving Citv you seem to have to failed to have noted the other achievements Leigh has made. For instance, she filmed 'The Agents' for CBBC during the summer with Carrie Grant from Fame Academy. I'm also amazed that you didn't notice that she fronted STV's coverage of Live and Loud in July, seeing as The Scottish Sun covered it.
She is doing Pantomime, not just in one venue, but three as it's on tour throughout England. But somebody of your intelligence doesn't realise that this is something that kids tv presenters do.
Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail and I would recommend in future that anything you state on your website, you check to be correct."

If she has done all the things you say, and I'm not her greatest fan and don't bust a gut to keep up with what she is doing or has done, it makes you wonder how she has got these jobs. It certainly can't be talent... maybe its the methods that I have heard about that she used to get her other radio jobs... which I wont mention here. She has already tried and failed to get this website shut down once to try and further her career... ;o)


Update Aug 2003: Floss FM spies have spotted Leigh in Panto!!! lol!! -

"Jack and the Beanstalk has the fabulous Leigh Morrison from CITV starring as Jack in this traditional story of a boy who swops his beloved cow Daisy for a bag of beans. These magical beans grow into a huge beanstalk which Jack climbs up to the Giant's castle where he battles with the evil Fleshcreep and hungry Giant to save the beautiful Princess Jill.
Location - Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre
Dates - 06 December 2003- 14 December 2003
Times - 2pm& 7pm- 4pm& 9pm
Price - 8.00"

Update Feb 2003: Leigh appears to have been sacked by CITV. Her profile has been removed from the CITV website and she no longer appears during the continuity links. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Update 2002: Leigh has managed to wangel her way on to Television to present Children's ITV.

Update 2001: After 'persuading' Kingdom FM to try and get this website shut down (which incidentally coincided with her contract coming up for renewal) she moved on to be a newsreader on Wave 105 in Dundee and then on to be Newseditor at Tay AM..

Update 07/10/99 - Leigh AFAIK is still doing the news on Kingdom FM. In the local newspapers she was quoted as saying that she was still doing the HNC Radio course part-time which was a load of bollocks! She also has been chosen "The Face of Fife" in one of the local rags... No Comment!

In 1999, Ross wrote: "She seems to be local-ish but you wouldn't know it by the way she speaks. If you can picture Cloe Annet from Red Dwarf (Kochanski), she looks and sounds very similar. Very 'wacky' if you know what I mean. Anyway, Career ways - You'll probably see her on the telly or hear her on the radio very soon!!
UPDATE! She has now got a job at Kingdom FM reading the local news in the afternoons so she has now gone part-time with the course. If you live near Fife tune your radios to 95.2 & 96.1FM and listen out!
Remember this is where you saw and heard her first!


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