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 Pat Joyce (1999-2000)       (HND) Page 1     

In 2000, Ross wrote: "Pat is the lecturer that we seem to get most often. I've got to be careful with what I say here, 'cos I know he sometimes looks at the website! A very laidback lecturer I think, never seems to get rattled with anything, always there to help you out when you are stuck with anything... did I mention that I need 3 merits to get into Warrington Uni???!!!

We, and I mean not just me but most others in the class and indeed the HND TV OPS folks, have noticed several 'catchphrases' that Pat always says everyday, guaranteed! The most popular is "Chums" and another on the list is "Just trust me on that...", and then there is his Ned Flanders impressions, "okely dokely...".

Has done loads of stuff in Television but most notably being an extra in the massively famous popular Scottish Television soap, "Take The High Road""

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