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Update 09/2005:

I suppose after two years I should update my profile! One of my mixes is being used on the current Queen and Paul Rogers tour as well as featuring on the DVD.

Not doing anything in radio, not really trying to. Still open to any and all offers though...

Update Feb 2003: Still not doing anything related to radio. Here is someone who could dramatically enhance the production values and the quality of sound in YOUR RADIO STATION! I do virtually anything presentation and production related, from making adverts to my ledgendary jingles, sweepers and station IDs. By not employing me you are putting the quality and profitability of your station in GRAVE danger!!! :o)

Update 2002: Doing absolutely nothing radio related right now! Decided not to go back to Warrington Uni cos the course was crap, most (but not all) of the people were clichey and it was so totally unlike they said it was going to be.

"Ross 2002"


  "The dodgy passport photo! "

"Presenting a show from the studio"

"and an OB report from outside Kirkcaldy Railway Station, while getting blinded by the light"

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