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R E M I X  C O M P E T I T I O N

This section will contain instructions for the latest remix competitions.

Mix Name (click to download)Mix Author (click to email)
Don't Stop Me Now (Dance A Bit Longer Till You Drop Mix) Ron Buczko
Don't Stop Rock Dust Champions Now (version 4) Bart Lammey

Alright folks, listen up:

Someone contacted me recently to say that they really like our mixes,
and that they'd like one of us to do one for them.

The amazing part of this is that they're going to use it in a dance
competition that will likely be on one of the ESPNs, should they make
it to the finals!

Anyway, here are the suggestions so far:
WWRY, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, Don't Stop Me
Now (they seem especially fond of that song)
No lyrics with "language" (for instance, the "I'm a sex machine" in
Don't Stop Me Now, unfortunately, is out)
Under 2 minutes long
Fast-tempo (so making Champions the focus would perhaps be a bad idea)

And here's a direct quote from one of the emails:
"There are a few parts of music that I have my heart set on being in
the CD. In
Don't Stop me Now: I am looking for this to be a main part of the
music. I need
the kick line to be around the fast part, on my radio it says 1:55-
or take). I would also like the words Go, Go, Go there's no stopping
me, and
whoa..Explode. I am sorry if I am being picky. I won National Grand
last year and I really want to do it again!"

UPDATE: I believe they're going to pick the mix soon, so hurry and submit if you haven't already!
UPDATE: The person can now download the mix at their leisure, so the deadline has been extended to June 7th! Happy mixing!
They need this by June 5 (so they can start rehearsing), however it
would work best for them if they were mailed a CD, so in order for me
to send the CD, I'd need to be able to download it (from any URL) no
later than 11:59 pm CDT June 2nd.

As long as you provide me with the URL, I can link to it on the site,
and they can evaluate and see which mix they like best before I send
it off.

Anyway, very exciting! Email me or join the email group if you have questions!

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