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J O I N !

I want to be featured on the site
I want to join the FanMixers mailinglist

Be featured on the site
So you want to be featured on the website and become a FanMixer eh??

First, here's some rules / requirements:
1. You must have at least one mix made,
2. All mixes on the site must be of Queen and / or solo material (Smile and The Cross count). You can mention them in your mix history, but they won't be featured on the site.
3. Have Fun!!!! Be friendly get to know the mixers, no flaming. If you feel like a mix just sucks then the mixer usually does too, so make it a discussion topic in the webboard, don't send them a nasty e-mail.
4. Only Amature Mixes are allowed (sorry Rick ;))
5. Well, there is no five

Now that you've got all that down, it's easy my friend just make sure you have all the following information:

Personal File
Name: your name
Date Of birth: i.e. 25 December 2000
Country: where you currently live
E-mail: your e-mail address
Website: your website URL, if you have one
ICQ#: or any other contact number

Mix History
Here you can include how you started mixing, what your first mix was, where you are on mixing now, etc., etc. Please don't list every mix you've made and a description, this can lead to a very long profile for some and people won't really want to read it. If you do mention any mixes try to mention milestone mixes or your best mixes, but not every single one.

Your Mixes
A list of the mixes you've made. Each mix will hold information and a description. Here's an example:

Specific Track Info
Name: Super-Duper Ultra-Mega Queen Mix
Release Date: 5 August 2001
Length: 34 min 58 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
Every Queen song ever made all mixed into one huge song.... blah blah blah blah.... you get the point, basically a description of the mix and what you think of it.

Your Personal Top 3
1. This is where you list your
2. 3 favorite mixes that you have made
3. pretty self-explanatory if you ask me

Send all this good stuff in a text (.txt), HTML (.html / .htm), or MS Word Doc (.doc) to:
We prefer text files since they are easy to cut and paste and they are small.

If you are still confused just check one of the other Mixer's profiles and that should help you.

You should recieve a confirmation e-mail from Bart (our site guy).

Join the FanMixers mailinglist
Joining the mailinglist is easy. Simply send an e-mail (no subject or body is needed) to
When you have done this correct you should receive a confirmation e-mail.

Posting messages can be done with this e-mail address:

Unsubscribing from the list can be done with this e-mail address (there is once again no subject or body needed):



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