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W I L K I   A M I E V A

Personal File
Name: Pablo Martín Amieva a/k/a Wilki
Date of birth: 2 October 1977
Country: Argentina
ICQ#: 18657735

Mix History
I remember doing some analog stuff (an attempt to a "full" version of Time, merging to a cassette tape both excerpts from this song found in the TIME LP, comes to my mind), but I really started mixing when I had my first soundcard. It was a Sound Blaster Pro with 8-bit depth digital audio "in full stereo for your work or play", which was a real blast back in 1989/1990. That's about the time when I started listening lots of QUEEN, so I followed an obvious path to the use of that new and exciting tool for exploring their music (yes... I'm guilty of reversing Another One Bites The Dust) and -why not?- changing it. By the way, I used to have a tiny Yamaha PSS-480 keyboard which was General MIDI-compatible and I was fortunate enough to get hold of a friend's unused MIDI interface cable (...which I'm still using), so I was also into sequencing (God Save Voyetra) with that very same good old card.
The very first QUEEN-related mix I've done that I recall was a mish-mash of Under Pressure with samples from the A KIND OF MAGIC album and, again, Another One Bites The Dust (Another Kind Of Pressure would have been a suitable title). I remixed it with a friend of mine called Maxi, with whom we tryied out some weird things, also experimenting with acoustic equipment, until 1992/1993 (the last thing we've done together in the field was an early revision of Rick Rubin's ruined mixes). Since then, I've continued in music and audio as a hobby, sometimes re-working QUEEN material.
In early 1999 I've sent some mixes (China Belly, Surrounder, The InVisible Take, etc.) to the Fan Mixes section of Bart Lammey's FTP server, the precursor of this site. More recently, I've contributed QUEEN remixes for incidental music as introductions and outroductions to performances by the local QUEEN tribute band RIVENDEL, whom I've produced their debut album TRYING TO BELIEVE (you can also spot me featuring there!). I've collaborated with other cover bands and other musicians as well - from recording and/or (re)mixing (or playing and even singing!?) to just restoring and/or (re)mastering.
Which I use at StuDíOH!:
- Hardware: IBM PC-compatible system (K6-2 500 MHz over SY-5EHM with 256 MB PC-133 DIMM) with a Quantum Fireball Plus AS 40.0 and a HP CD-WriterPlus 9310, SB Live! MP3+ Studio with Creative I/O Digital Card and SB MIDI Kit, Tascam M-08 console with 202 MK III deck, Sansui FR-D4 turntable with SN-50 style and Pickering V-15 pick-up, Audinac AT-510 amp with four 718 speakers, Roland JV-35 synth, mics and phones by Sony and cables by Hosa.
- Software: Exact Audio Copy 0.9 pre-B 11, WAVTrim 1.58, MP3Trim 1.77, DART Pro 98, D/Noise 1.0d2, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03, Cool Edit Pro 1.2a, Nero (this week's ;-), etc. with some (mostly DirectX) plug-ins from Ahead, iZotope, MTU, Sonic Timeworks, Syntrillium, TC|Works, Twelve Tone Systems...

Wilki's Mixes
These are all of Wilki's known mixes, including the unreleased ones. Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.
  1. China Belly (pharaonstrumix) (1998) lost
  2. Surrounder (pharaedix) (1998)
  3. The OmnInVisible Take (repharaonix) a/k/a OIV Take (1998)
  4. The Show Must Go Done... (semipharaoxermx) (1999)
  5. China Belly (recknstrumedix) a/k/a (medical instrumental rock remix edit) (1999) missing
  6. Surrounder (unhancybermx) a/k/a (un-enhanced cyberbarn remix) (1999)
  7. The InVisible Take (what edit you D'OH!) a/k/a IV Take (1999)
  8. Bohemian Opera (semipharaoxedix) (1999)
  9. Medley In Heaven (megapharaoxermx) (1999)
10. ...Go On ...Gone ...Down (pharaexit) (1999)
11. We Are The Champignons (pharaoxer) (1999)
12. Too Much Love (demix) (1999)
13. Magicness (or "Beautiful Vision") (soonshinedit) (1999) missing
14. Why Don't We Try Again (radiostormyx) (2001)
15. ...Try Again (atmosphonedix) (2001) withdrawn
16. Mad The Swine (madmix) (2001)
17. Mad The Swine (sciencredix) a/k/a (scientific credo remix edit) (2001)
18. ...Try Again (atmosphoredix) (2001)
19. Why Don't We Try Again (stormx) (2001)
20. Yellow Breezes (scatmix) (2001)
21. Let's Turn It On (sciencapellarmx) (2001)
22. April Lady (rmxtake) a/k/a (remix - extended take) (2001) withdrawn
23. April Lady (alternatakermx) a/k/a (alternative take remix) (2001)
24. Doin' Almost Right (instrumillenniumix) (2001)
25. Doin' Alright (alumillenniumix) (2001)

Wilki's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Why Don't We Try Again (stormx)
  2. The Show Must Go Done... (pharaoxermx)
  3. Surrounder (unhancybermx)



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