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R O N   B U C Z K O

Personal File
Name: Ron Buczko
Date of birth: 28 August 1979
Country: Holland
ICQ#: 5471995

Mix History
My mix history starts in 1995 (could be even sooner) when I wanted to mix Queen tracks using my CD and cassette player. I simply played a song and then paused the cassette player when I wanted to continue with an other song. They weren't real mixes, but this is how it all began.
The first mix I made on the computer was in September 1998 which was Another One Bites The Dust. Some ideas were taken from Bart's Dancer mix, like the short fragments from each track of The Game album. Three more mixes would follow in 1998.
1999 began with a mix called Don't Lose You Head (Beat Mix). The idea came after Waggoner made a mix with the same track. I liked the idea of repeating the intro several times so I made a mix based on this idea. After Don't Lose You Head, Nazis 1994 would be the first solo track I was going to remix. Fourteen more mixes were made in 1999, including One Vision, which was requested by Antônio Henrique Seligman. He wanted to hear the famous lines 'God works in mysterious ways'. After some attempts I succeeded and you can clearly hear Brian saying 'mysterious ways'.
The year 2000 was a good year, because 10 more mixes were made, featuring Future Management which I mixed twice. The second one was a Reprise Mix. I also made an attempt to mix More Of That Jazz. This unfinished mix remains unreleased and unfinished.
My first mix of 2001 is Seven Seas Of Rhye which started in January, but got never finished untill July. It's clearly audiable that it's been a while since my last mix. I also tried to mix Fun In Space in June but it was a big failure and this mix has quickly been erased. 2001 is also the year of the Queen II Uncovered project. A project that took 2.5 months and results in eleven mixes from the Queen II album.
My tip is always to listen to my mixes using head phones, because most of the time I use some stereo effects.
Mixes 1 - 16 were 'released' with a mix description. These descriptions have been added to the individual comments for each mix plus a new description from the mixer.

Ron's Mixes
These are all of Ron's known mixes, including the unreleased ones. Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.
   -. Megamix Intro (Mix) (1998) unreleased
  1. Another One Bites The Dust (Mix) (1998)
  2. Flash's Theme (Revenge Mix) (1998)
  3. Doing All Right (Duet Mix) (1998)
  4. Action This Day (Night Mix) (1998)
  5. Don't Lose Your Head (Beat Mix) (1999)
  6. Nazis 1994 (Crappy Mix) (1999)
  7. Sheer Heart Attack (Speed Mix) (1999)
  8. Hang On In There (Extended Mix) (1999)
  9. Tear It Up (Extended Mix) (1999)
10. The Great Pretender (Extended 'Extended Mix') (1999)
11. Made In Heaven (Queen VS Freddie Mercury Mix) (1999)
12. Manipulator (Unfinished Mix) (1999)
13. Put Out The Fire (Flame Mix) (1999)
14. Queen The 13th (Buczko Mix) (1999)
15. Scandal (Instrumental Mix) (1999)
16. Queen (Just-A-Mix Mix) (1999)
17. Bohemian Rhapsody (El Magnifico Mix) (1999)
18. Bicycle Race (Mixed Mix) (1999)
19. One Vision (Mysterious Mix) (1999)
20. Radio Ga Ga (TV Mix) (1999)
21. We Will Rock You (Weird - Unreleased - Mix) (2000) unreleased
22. We Will Rock You (Weird Mix) (2000)
23. The Millionaire Waltz (Rehearsal - Take 1 Mix) (2000)
24. My Fairy King (Extended Mix) (2000)
25. Living On My Own (Master Mix) (2000)
26. Living On My Own (Master Mix "Promo") (2000)
27. Future Management (Ogre T-Raylot Mix) (2000)
28. Future Management (Ogre T-Raylot Reprise Mix) (2000)
29. Headlong (Rush Hour Mix) (2000)
30. Machines (or 'Back To Humans') (Lost World Mix) (2000)
31. Keep Yourself Alive (Hardly Mixed Mix 1) (2000) unreleased
32. Keep Yourself Alive (Hardly Mixed Mix 2) (2000) unreleased
33. Keep Yourself Alive (Hardly Mixed Mix) (2000)
34. More Of That Jazz (Mix) (2000) unreleased
35. Under Pressure (Silver Mix) (2000) withdrawn
36. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Abandoned - In Progress - Mix) (2001) unreleased
37. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Abandoned Mix) (2001)
38. Get Down, Make Love (2001 Mix) (2001)
39. Let's Turn It On (Scientific Mix) (2001)
  project: Queen II Uncovered
  40. Procession (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  41. Father To Son (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  42. White Queen (As It Began) (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  43. Some Day One Day (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  44. The Loser In The End (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  45. Ogre Battle (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  46. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  47. Nevermore (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  48. The March Of The Black Queen (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  49. Funny How Love Is (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
  50. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Uncovered Mix) (2001)
51. Staying Power (Strike Mix) (2002)

Ron's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Future Management (Ogre T-Raylot Reprise Mix)
  2. Let's Turn It On (Scientific Mix)
  3. Get Down, Make Love (2001 Mix)



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