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R O N   B U C Z K O   > >   living on my own (master mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Living On My Own (Master Mix)
Release date: 14 May 2000
Length: 3 min 53 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
This is the first mix that has been made with another program. It's something like a drum computer or a sample machine. I don't know how to call it. I don't even know if I still have it :-)
Anyway, I wanted to make a real remix this time. Not just playing around with some parts, no, I wanted a new beat and remix LOMO with it. And so I did.
The beats may sound a bit weird but for some reason they fit very well. I used the original LOMO version, but at a different level. The main reason for the different level was to hide the instruments on the original track so I only had Freddie's voice. It also gives the track a nice new dimension.
I can still remember that while I was mixing, I said to myself 'I want to put the LOMO parts randomly in the mix, and not the way as in the original track'. In other words, mix the parts at places when you won't expect them. I also left out a few things, just to make it even weirder.
You just have to listen for yourself. It's worth it!

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