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R O N   B U C Z K O   > >   get down, make love (2001 mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Get Down, Make Love (2001 Mix)
Release date: 20 July 2001
Length: 4 min 40 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
Only two days after my Seven Seas Of Rhye (Abandoned Mix) I made this one. I guess the mix virus has struck me again.
Choosing Get Down, Make Love was pretty easy, cause it's a great track and one of my favorites. I can recall that I once started with this track somewhere in 1999 or 2000, but I didn't had any ideas, so I stopped with mixing and deleted the 'mix'.
I have used the album version and the instrumental Queen: The Eye version for this remix. The mix starts with a new intro: it might sound like Queen is warming up or testing their instruments before the song starts. After approx 34 seconds the normal version begins for a whole minute. Than I have added an instrumental part with some vocal extras - it sounds very nice. A normal part follows and when you think the weird instrumental part comes, I have included another instrumental part, which is this time followed by the weird instrumental part. This one has also been remixed a bit, especially the end. Listen carefully :-) After all these noises the final chorus begins. Ofcourse I wanted a new ending so I made one. It features an instrumental part which is faded out a bit and misses a few pieces. It sounds a bit like the outro for my The Millionaire Waltz (Rehearsal - Take 1 Mix), but still a bit different :-)
All in all I really like this mix: it sounds very smooth. And that's probably the main reason. It also has some nice extras which I'm pretty proud of :-)
Calling it the 2001 Mix wasn't so easy. I simply couldn't find a suitable name for the mix. And since it's 2001.. well I had no other choice.

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