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R O N   B U C Z K O   > >   let's turn it on (scientific mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Let's Turn It On (Scientific Mix)
Release date: 24 September 2001
Length: 3 min 23 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
This mix started when I was listening to some old MP3 cd-r's at my work when I suddenly heard the track Telling Lies by David Bowie. It wasn't the album version but a remix, called Paradox Mix (although I'm not sure about this name). Anyway, I always liked this mix and I got some ideas for remixing this mix with a Queen or solo track after re-hearing it. The choice was made very fast: Let's Turn It On.
I used some beats from the Bowie mix and put them in a different order and played a bit with it. Besides the Bowie mix, I used the a capella version of Let's Turn It On and a few samples from the extended version.
It's a great mix in my opinion. It's undescripable actually; weird noices mixed with some LTIO samples. Soft, loud, short, long, reversed, transformed. It's all there.
Listen to it and welcome Freddie into the 25th century :-) It's highly recommandable to listen to this mix through head phones!

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