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R O B B I E   M C E V O Y

Personal File
Name: Robbie McEvoy
Date of birth: 28 August 1985
Country: USA

Mix History
Well I first started out with a really basic "I Want It All" just copying and pasting the single and album versions, then I tried some layering w/ "Too Much Love Will Kill You" by combining the regular and guitar version. I played around with some ideas and sharpened my skills and teaching myself to use Multiquence and other Wave editors. All the other later mixes of mine are in the list... I hope more will follow, but I don't have any time...

Robbie's Mixes
These are all of Robbie's known mixes, including the unreleased ones. Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.
  1. I Want It All (Miracle in Hollywood Mix) (2000)
  2. Too Much Love Will Kill You (McEvoy Mix 2000) (2000)
  3. A Kind Of Magic (More Magic Mix) (2000)
  4. Queen Medley (2000)
  5. The Prophet's Song (Falice Single Edit) (2000)
  6. Breakthru (One-second alternative mix) (2000)
  7. We Will Rock You (I Ruined Rick Rubin mix) (2000)
  8. We Will Rock You (The Final Mix) (2000)
  9. We Will Rock You (THe Absolute Final Mix) (2000)
10. Under Pressure Bites The Dust (2001)
11. Love Lies Bleeding (Rough Cut 1) (2001) unreleased
12. The Evolution Of The Brighton Rock Solo (2001)
13. Under Pressure (Extended Mix) (2001)
14. Under Pressure (Extended Mix Revisited 2k1) (2001)
15. A Dozen Samples For My Darling (2001) unfinished

Robbie's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Breakthru (One-second alternative mix)
  2. The Prophet's Song (Falice Single Edit)
  3. Too Much Love Will Kill You (McEvoy Mix 2000)



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