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R O B B I E   M C E V O Y   > >   breakthru (one-second alternative mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Breakthru (One-second alternative mix)
Release date: 28 September 2000
Length: 4 min 8 sec
Format: WAV / MP3

Mixer's Comments
Ahh...another one of my favorties. It starts off like the 12" mix and then goes into the album mix on a cymbal fade done pretty fine except the drums/bass are a bit different. Then It keeps going through the album mix until the end of the first chorus at "that would really be a" and then back to the 12" mix with "breakthru". Keeps going through the 12" mix until "headlong into this ecstasy" where the album mix comes back in. The album mix goes for about 23 seconds and back into the 12" mix where it's just drum beats. The drum beats after the first half of the guitar solo I cut off a bit and threw in the second half of the guitar solo with a pretty nice bass boost. It then ends with the rest of the 12" mix. PHEW... that probably confused you but it's rather hard to describe. It's called the one-second alternative mix because it was originally 4:10 as the album mix is 4:11 but it somehow got cut a a little down to 4:08, but it sounded cool so I kept the name. This I believe is the best mix I have ever done even better than my Prophet's Song edit.

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