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T O M   P E E K

Personal File
Name: Tom Peek
Date of birth: 7 April 1963
Country: Holland

Mix History
Well inspired by guys as, Ross Robbertson and David Backhouse, gave me the thought to give it a try as well. I have developed my own way of mixing - luckily - my style isn't like Ross or David at all!

Tom's Mixes
Again they are very personal mixes, I prefer them as re-extended mixes, as the merely are, no club or techno for this bloke!
Currently working on new material!
I made over 70 extended and re-mixed tracks, including re-worked versions of Freddie Mercury Solo Material.

Descriptions of some of my material:
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody - The Millenium Mix (7.46)
  This is a combination of the original version and the version taken from the Korean Karaoke CD, the opera section is slightly extended and on some places a hidden echo.
  2. Spread Your Wings - Extended Re-mix (7.38)
  Again a mix between the original and the Karaoke album, also on the shelf a 5.45 edited version.
  3. Somebody To Love - Extended Re-mix (8.43)
  An exciting version and a mix between the Hollywood Records version and the standard version and of course the Karoake version, the gospel choir has a revisited section.
  4. Get Down, Make Love - Band On Drugs Mix (5.33)
  This re-mix is made out from the original version and the exciting Eye version, musical there are overdubs and echoes.
  5. Get Down, Make Love - SafeXtended Version (9.29)
  This is also a mix between the aforementiond versions, this time without overdubs, this is a plain long version.
  6. Fat Bottomed Girls - Fat Ass Mix (5.56)
  The title has got nothing to do with the mix, but chosen for it sounds, mixed between the Hollywood version, the Karaoke version. The version iss very close to the original, the difference is that this is the extended mix.
  7. Under Pressure - Re-mix (7.39)
  A mix made of the Karaoke version and the Hollywood mix, as the latter is featured with more ad-lib from Roger and Freddie as well between both verses is room for instrumental parts.
  8. Under Pressure - 2000 Extended Version (5.44)
  Same versions as above, but this time inspired by the dull Rah Mix.
  9. I'm Going Slightly Mad - Extended Mix - (10.00)
  Re-mixed from the Eye, the Karaoke and the original version, as the title all says an extended mix, with Freddie laughing his way thru paradise.
10. The Miracle - Extended Re-mix (8.44)
  Mixed from the Karaoke version and the original, with room for longer instrumentation.
11. Breakthru - Re-Extended version and Extended version (9.25) and (6.20)
  The Re-Extended is made from the original 12" and the Karaoke version and the Extended version is from the original single version and the Karaoke version.
12. A Kind Of Magic - several mixes
  Easy one to make consider that there are several versions to chose from, I made a long version which clocks arond the 10.00 minutes simply made from the Extended version and the Karaoke version.
13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Re- mix (4.55)
  Mixed between the Karaoke version and the original, plain and simple longer version.
14. Tie Your Mother Down - Bloody Poetry Mix (12.06)
  Mixed between the Hollywood version and the Karaoke version, many instrumental passages makes this a very long versions, with some echo overdubs and an interesting fade.
15. Another One Bites The Dust - Richochet Mix (7.04)
  A re-mix of the Karaoke version and the original, long insrtumental parts and bullets flying.
16. Body Language - Extended Re-mix (7.15)
  A simple mix with Freddie panting, made with the original and the Hollywood version
17. Death On Two Legs - Kiss My Ass Mix (6.31)
  Made between the Eye version and the original, as in all extended versions, room for longer parts of instrumentation.
18. Modern Times Of Rock 'N' Roll - Exteded mix (5.21)
  Made from The Eye and the original, a very streched version
19. No More Of That Jazz - Extended Jazz mix (5.40)
  From The Eye and the original, the Jazz medley is absent.
20. Reaching Out - The Project Mix (4.56)
  This is Brian a collaboration, I made this one, from bits and pieces of the acoustic version, the instrumental version and the original version, with vocal overdubs.

As said I made over 70 mixes and I am still working on 'new' material, if somebody is interested in a full list just sent me an e-mail on

Tom's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Mother Love (Going Back Mix)
  2. Dragon Attack (The Dragon Mix)
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody (The Millenium Mix)
  Was chosen in 2000 as Song Of The Millenium, nothing special happend then, here is my attemp to make it a longer version, made from bits and pieces from the Karaoke album.



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