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T R E Y   P R I C E

Personal File
Name: Trey Price
Date of birth: 20 December 1984
Country: USA

Mix History
After coming across a webpage containing some remixes by Queen fans in 1998, I decided it would be a cool idea to remix tracks myself, but first I had to get a better computer. And with this new computer I rumaged through some tracks and settled on remixing Seven Seas of Rhye. The mix is not as good as I first thought it was, and its just a mix of Album and two live versions. My next task was to remix You're My Best Friend, which also ended up in a crappy remix. I believe the next thing I did was to fiddle with the wave samples of the One Night Stand song from Roger's website. The competion was well over, but I remixed the track anyway. That ended up as one of my better remixes. Eventually I began remixing more and more and taking part in FanMixer contests. I have even ventured to remix a couple of tracks by Yes and one of Elton John, with a friend, which was a disaster remix. My remixes as of late have just been series of sound samples, and my remixing has declined as of late. I began a remix of Drowse in early June, and that is still unfinished. With the resurgence of intrest in FanMixers, I plan to finish this mix sometime, and eventually work on a few other tracks.

Trey's Mixes
These are all of Trey's known mixes, including the unreleased ones. Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.
  1. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mix) (1999)
  2. You're My Best Friend (Mix) (1999)
  3. Was It All Worth It (Mix) (1999)
  4. Now I'm Here (Thru the Years Mix) (1999)
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls (Mix) (1999)
  6. One Night Stand (Mix) (1999)
  7. Made In Heaven (Track 13 Mix) (1999)
  8. Fun In Space In Space (Mix) (1999)
  9. We Will Rock You (Mix) (1999)
10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mix) (1999)
11. The Show Must Go On (Duet Mix - Queen & Elton John) (1999)
12. USA Singles Mix (1999)
13. Flash's Theme (Mix) (1999)
14. Calling All Boys (Mix) (1999)
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mix 2) (1999)
16. My Baby Does Me (Mix) (1999)
17. Hammer To Fall (Mix) (1999)
18. Who Needs You (Instrumental Mix) (1999)
19. Happiness (Mix) (1999)
20. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mix) (1999)
21. Best Of Queen Mix (1999)
22. Who Needs You (Vocal Mix) (1999)
23. Now I'm Here (Thru The Years Mix 2) (1999)
24. You're My Best Friend (Mix 2) (1999)
25. Radio Ga Ga (Mix) (1999)
26. More Of That Jazz (Mix) (1999)
27. It's Late (Mix) (2000)
28. Machines (or 'Back To Machines') (Mix) (2000)
29. One Vision (Mix) (2000)
30. The Millionare Waltz (Mix) (2000)
31. I'm In It For The Money Mix (2000)
32. Keep Yourself Alive (Mix) (2000) unreleased
33. Tie Your Mother Down (Mix) (2000)
34. Drowse (Drowsy Mix) (2001)
35. Get Down, Make Love (Duet Mix) (2001)

Trey's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Fat Bottomed Girls (Mix)
  2. Who Needs You (Mix)
  3. Calling All Boys (Mix)



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