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T R E Y   P R I C E   > >   usa singles (mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: USA Singles (Mix)
Release date: 1999
Length: 7 min 2 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
This is an intresting mix. I had an idea about 5 or 6 years ago to make a "pretend" radio station on a cassette tape.. and as I recorded Queen songs to the tapes and things, I had an idea to put all of Queen's USA singles together in a sort of "intro".. Well I found this tape the other day (May 1999) and I decided, well I wanna do a better version of this, just for me to listen to.. But I decided that it should be heard .. and so here it is.. The first parts are closer to the original tape.. but towards the end, the segments became shorter, as I didn't want the length to run much over 7 minutes, and it only does by two seconds. The only non-Queen thing in this is the ending of this remix, which is the ending of "Heaven For Everyone" by the Cross.

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