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T R E Y   P R I C E   > >   tie your mother down (mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Tie Your Mother Down (Mix)
Release date: 2000
Length: 6 min 30 sec
Format: MP3

Mixer's Comments
I had a good information file for this, but I lost it.. The first half of this is based on the 1977 Tour intro

Mix Components :
Tie Your Mother Down Versions -
Album Version
1991 Bonus Remix
Palace Hollywood 1993 (Brian May Live)
Live Killers (Live)
Live at Wembley (Live)
"Tap tap tap" - "Speak to Me" from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
"We want queen" - from Hammersmith Odeon 1975
"Guitar Intro"
"Ooohh!"- from "Oliver Cromwell" from "Monty Python Sings"
"TheEnd" - from "Eric the Half-a-Bee" from "Monty Python Sings"

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