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R A O U L   R A D E

Personal File
Name: Raoul Rade
Date of birth: 16 February 1985
Country: Holland

Mix History
well I started some time ago. I think somewhere back in 1999 with a queen track. I used a program that was not made for mixing songs: musicmaker version 3.1 or something.. I could mix with it but that was because I took the time for it (I had to change mp3 files first to wav. And then I mixed them with musicmaker…after that I turned them back into mp3's. All this doesn't inprove the sound quality though...)
I liked my first mix so much that I contineued with it. And I got many songs mixed now. Some songs are remixed more than ones. Sometimes because I wasn't satisfied with the end version or simply because I wanted to do something new with the same song. (by the way, RR simply stands for Raoul Rade =o) lol)

Raoul's Mixes
These are all of Raoul's known mixes, including the unreleased ones. Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.

Raoul's Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:



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