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R O S S   R O B E R T S O N

Personal File
Name: Ross Robertson
Date of birth: 21 March 1980
Country: Scotland
Website: and

Mix History
Well it all started after stumbling across a rarities FTP site run by one Bart Lammey... I noticed that he had done a few remixes of his own, "I want it all" I think it was and it kinda inspired me to try something similar. I had in the back of my mind what I'd like to do with "Heaven for Everyone", putting back Roger's middle bit while keeping the 1995 Made In Heaven feel to it. A few days later "Queen & The Cross - Heaven For Everyone (Freddie Vocals)" was released on my website, then called "Voyager" . "Voyager" then at was one of the first Queen mp3 sites giving Queenfans the then unheard of opportunity to download rare Queen & related tracks for free which previously could only have been heard by a few privileged few with bucketloads of cash to spend! The site was very popular and I put my Heaven mix for download and it was an instant success! :-) Because people actually liked what I was doing with the music, I mean I never got any hate mail, I continued mixing. I can't remember the exact chronological order of my mixes but mixes of "Too Much Love Will Kill You" and "Resurrection" being among my early ones. The reason why I can't remember is because I was a busy student at the time (and still am really!!) doing Radio production and one lazy afternoon listening to the production music gave me an idea for one of my best mixes and the first to use non-Queen music - "We Will Rock You - Christmas Mix".
As time wore on and my catalogue of mixes got larger, I moved my site to it's current abode of and changed the name to "The Floss Mixes". I was still providing the Queen internet community with rare material and in most cases enhancing the audio quality significantly at the same time, but with other websites passing my files off as their own, I descided to make my mixes the focus of my website.
Around the beginning of 2000, I was contacted by Greg Brooks, The Queen Archivist, who wanted CD Audio copies of my mixes so he could catalogue them and also to let Jim Beach hear them. Several phone calls later the idea of professionally re-recording some of my mixes in the Queen studios with Justin Shirley-Smith came about but I am still awaiting the go-ahead from Mr Beach. He still hasn't gotten around to listening to my CDs yet, but as Greg said, "This is normal for Jim...". Fingers Crossed... :-)

Ross' Mixes
These are all of Ross' known mixes, including the unreleased ones "(In very rough semi-chronological order)". Click on a title to see more info about the track and the comments of the mixer.
  1. Heaven For Everyone (Freddie Vocals)
  2. I Can't Live With You '98 (1998) unreleased
  3. Heaven For Everyone (Roger Vocals)
  4. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Floss Mix) (1998)
  5. One Vision (Short Vision)
  6. One Vision (Long Vision)
  7. Resurrection (Floss Mix)
  8. Cowboys And Indians (Floss Mix)
  9. Headlong (Extended Floss Mix)
10. We Will Rock You (The Christmas Mixes) (1998)
11. One Night Stand (Various Mixes)
12. Hammer To Fall (Several Fast & Slow Mixes)
13. Who Want's To Live Forever (Floss Mix)
14. Pressure On (Floss Mix)
15. Track 13 (Floss Mix) (1999)
16. Bohemian Rhapsody (Floss Mix) (1999)
17. "Brian On The Piano Mix" (1999) unreleased
18. Surrender (Floss Mix) (1999)
19. Under Pressure (Experimental Sonix Mix) (1999)
20. Love Of My Life (Duet Mix) (1999)
21. One Vision (Alternate Vision) (1999)
22. "Queen Medley" (1999)
23. How Can I Go On/These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Floss Mix) (2000)
24. "The Last Flossmix" (2000)
25. Heaven For Everyone 2000 (2000)
26. Love On A Tightrope (Floss Mix) (2000)
27. Radio Ga Ga (Floss Mix 12" & 7") (2000)
28. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Dance Mix) (2000)
29. Innuendo (Pseudo Live Mix) (2001)
30. Heaven For Everyone (Moonshine Mix) (2001)

Ross' Personal Top 3
This is his personal top 3 of his favorite mixes made by himself:
  1. Heaven For Everyone 2000
  2. Love Of My Life (Duet Mix)
  3. Resurrection (Floss Mix)



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