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R O S S   R O B E R T S O N   > >   we will rock you (the christmas mixes)

Specific Track Info
Name: We Will Rock You (Christmas Mix)
Release date: 6 December 1998
Length: 4 min 57 sec (original version) 4 min 10 sec (radio version)
Format: VQF

Mixer's Comments
I was a radio student at the time and one day while skiving off in the edit channel (production room) and listening to most of the production music CDs, I read on one CD "Jingle Bells in the style of 70's Rock". As I put it on, the hairs on my back stood up as it sounded EXACTLY like We Will Rock You... well I simply had to do a flossmix using this material, so when nobody was looking I made a copy of the CD and went home to begin an epic mixing session!
I used the 1977 BBC Version of WWRY, at the same time cleaning and enhancing the audio quality of the recording as I only had a poor quality bootleg copy, and mixing the Jingle Bells bits seamlessly into the "slow" part of the song. The Jingle Bells parts didn't have the "stomp-stomp-clap", just drums so I had to individually add each "stomp-stomp-clap" section into the J.B. bits. And adjust the tempo of the J.B. to match the stomp-stomp-claps" too! It took for ever to do but I think the overall mix was worth the hours of slogging over it! :-)
The "radio version" simply has one of the verses of the fast bit of WWRY edited out. It was played on the college radio shows a few times, hence the need for a slightly shorter version.

I actually did another version (+ radio edit) of this mix using a totally different arrangement of the J.B. and WWRY. It was slightly longer at 5:10 but I prefer the 4:57 arrangement, so you could say that this other one is a rare alternate version that might one day be released when Greg Brooks gets around to doing the box set for "The Floss Mixes Anthology"!!! :-)

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