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R O S S   R O B E R T S O N   > >   "the last flossmix"

Specific Track Info
Name: "The Last Flossmix"
Release date: 16 February 2000
Length: 19 min 18 sec
Format: VQF / MP3

Mixer's Comments
This was planned as going to be my last mix before I 'retired' from mixing to go and do my university course. I since made a comeback!! :-)
As you can see from the length of the track, it is more like a megamix or EP, as it features many songs blended together.
We start of with Mother Love then go into a part of a live version of Now I'm Here. I forget which gig it is but it was recorded as an "audience recording", i.e. someone recorded the gig, in the audience, with a walkman or something.
For all the live versions on this mix, I greatly enhanced and cleaned up the audio so it approached the quality of a soundboard recording. This version of Now I'm Here features Freddie doing a "Brian May solo" if you get what I mean... :-)
Then we go into a live version of Put Out The Fire which mixes into part of a live version of Action This Day. Back to Mother Love and then back to Freddie, live, on the piano scatting around "Spread Your Wings" but he can't remember the chords!! So into a roudy version of Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. Then into a mixed version of How Can I Go On which seques into These Are The Days Of Our Lives. I've mixed in the Roger Taylor Cyberbarn into it, so it is another duet mix to the song. Interspersed throughout the whole of this mix are snippets from the track called "Queen Talks".
This essentially is a Freddie orientated mix, using rare live performances and studio tracks that are Freddie.

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