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R O S S   R O B E R T S O N   > >   radio ga ga (floss mix)

Specific Track Info
Name: Radio Ga Ga (Floss Mix)
Release date: 26 July 2000
Length: 7 min 32 sec (12" version) 5 min 23 sec (7" version)
Format: VQF / MP3

Mixer's Comments
This is another that doesn't use that much Queen-recorded material. It is a mix of the Symphonic Rock version and the Accolate "Guitar" tribute CD version.
It may sound a simple enough mix but I can tell you it was one of the hardest I have ever done!! The main problem was the syncronising of all the different versions so it doesn't sound like an obvious 'layering' mix.
The 12" version differs from the 7" in that it is longer (well d'uh!) and that about 4 minutes into the mix, it goes into a mix of Queen live. This part of the mix was actually a part of a previous flossmix called "Living On My Radio". That track was done for a fanmixers competition and as it was I was unhappy with it but I'd put a lot of work into it and wanted to see it have a good home!
You'll be hard pressed to tell where I have remixed it, and as I keep saying, if the changes aren't obvious then it is a good mix!!
There is delays, repeats and flangers but the main point of mixing is in the audio properties, in that I've managed to 'seperate' the vocal channels so that you can actually make out Brian, Roger, Freddie & John when they sing the "All we hear is..." bits. I've also tweaked other bits of the audio which I won't bore you with here, but suffice it to say, there are a *lot* of changes! :-)

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