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W H Y   W E   D O   I T

Here are some thoughts why we started to remix, why we started to ruin the great originals :-)

Bart's thoughts...
One of the most wonderful times I've had with it is discovering the "hidden depths" and "surprises" that Queen has woven into their music. It will, of course, be awesome one day when we can have all the instrumentals and vocals separated into their millions of overlayed tracks and listen to the genius that went into every millisecond of every detail of their music. And on the other hand it is some of the most beautiful, most rockin', and most thought-provoking music to just sit back and listen to.

Granted, most people don't walk up to their favorite painting, take a picture, and color-separate and pattern-enhance it until they only see the left-facing strokes in blue, and then mirror those strokes right and hang the result in their living room. I like to see how things tick, what makes them work, take them apart, and put them together a different way...hence my fondness for LEGOs and my occupation as a software programmer.

It's cool music and it's fun to play with.

Ross' thoughts...
I do my mixes purely because I admire and enjoy the music of Queen. I like hearing how a particular song sounds a different way, like the Heaven For Everyone mixes when I mix it so that it sounds like Roger and Freddie are singing together or the Love Of My Life mix where I have Brian duetting with Freddie.

Ron's thoughts...
This is a tough one. I probably do it because I like being creative. Playing around with sound files and compiling new tracks or other versions of existing songs, it gives me a nice feeling. It's also a great way to discover new things in Queen's music, because while you are making a mix, you will listen to different channels or small parts of a song giving it a new meaning or a new way of listening to it.
Ofcourse it's also a lot of fun when the mix is done. You either feel satisfied when the mix is the way you wanted it or you can feel pissed cause the mix is totally different as planned or it's just bad. While mixing, you will notice that the mix is turning into something else as planned. This can give you some great new ideas, just as when you are mixing and something totally unexpected happens (like a wrong mixed piece in a wrong place which turns out to be great etc etc).
Mixing is great. Everybody should try it :-)



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