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Welcome! -  Updated 19/11/2006

It's a Beautiful Day (Remix) aka It's a Beautiful Day (Techno Mix) aka Track 13 (Floss Mix) >>

You can download the mix that is being used on the tour here and you can grab the original mix here.


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Some answers to some emails that I received. Not really applicable to be put in the FAQ but of note to be put on the site somewhere.

Jeroen from The Netherlands recently asked about what I thought of the new DVD. Before it was released, I did download a couple of audience shot videos of gigs. One was even a multicamera shoot but it was more a case of whoever edited it seeing how many different wipes on Adobe Premier he could cram in!

So in comparison, its obviously light years ahead of that and nearly every other offical release when I have my Queen fan hat on but I see numerous annoyances when I have my video producer hat on. I won't go into detail but my main gripe is that there are waaayyy to many audience shots!  The way the mix in Freddie on Bohemian Rhapsody kinda reminds me of my mix style. Hmmm.. I wonder....  ...and I didn't get a freebie! I have to buy one just like everybody else! :o)

Allen from Canada, I think, asked if I had to sign a contract with Queen?. Yes I did although what I was verbally told, what was signed and what actually happened were totally different unfortunatly. :(

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me an email. Thanks to all those who have emailed previously. They are all appreciated.

Previous news:

Well the DVD has been released and my mix is on there, used over the end credits and my name is on the first page of the booklet! Yay!

The only downside is that they seem to have taken an audience source rather than a soundboard feed so it does sound rather 'distant'. Even though I supplied QP with a clean CD quality source of the music, I guess Sergey couldn't do the same with the Freddie part. Either that or there was no time to reconstruct the mix prior to the release (which is a shame).

Its good to know that by using my mix, QP in some way support the 'little guy' remixer. As many of you have said in your emails of support, "I wonder what he could do, given access to the clean master tracks..."




As my mixing has gone into a hiatus period, here are some links to some new current music that I recommend you listen to.:
Artist Songs to check out Website Link
Annagrey Outside Myself, No Sleep Tonight, I'm Alright With That, Old. Here
Tiffany Hull Alone, Big Mistake, Surreality, Shallow End, Would You, Ms Conceptions. Here
Suzanne Smith You Lied, I'm Over It, Heartbroken, I Won't Forget That Feeling. Here
Fish Credo, Plague Of Ghosts, Scattering Crows, Jack and Jill, Poet's Moon, Mr Buttons. Here
Barenaked Ladies Pinch Me, Too Little Too Late, A, The Old Apartment, Long Way Back Home, Upside Down. Here
Chicane The Drive Home, Lost You Somewhere, Andromeda, Autumn Tactics, East Side Story Here
Marillion Incommunicado, Exile On Princes Street, Neverland, Afraid Of Sunlight, Estonia, Go. Here
Tasmin Archer Sleeping Satellite, Hero, Steel Town, Sombody's Daughter, Sweet Little Truth, Sedan, Take Care. Here
Donna Lewis Fools Paradise, Heaven Sent You, Falling, Take Me Down, Scream, Lay Me Down. Here
Hue & Cry Labour Of Love, Looking For Linda, Remote, Fireball, I Refuse, Inbetween, Life As Text, She Makes A Sound. Here
Michelle Branch Everywhere, Find Your Way Back, Love Me Like That, You Set Me Free, Sweet Misery. Here
Vanessa Carlton Who's To Say, A Thousand Miles, Ordinary Day, Unsung, Afterglow, Streets Have No Name. Here
Way Out West Just Like A Man, Anything But You, Don't Forget Me, Blue, The Gift, Sequoia Here


What are the Flossmixes?
They are mixes that I, Ross Robertson, have created using officially release versions of songs. That is I don't have any seperate vocal, bass, drums or whatever tracks that professional mixers have access to, nor do I have any sophisticated hardware or software, just a bog standard home PC with Cool Edit.

Why do they sound so good then?
Because I have a good ear for music I guess, and I can tell what works and what doesn't! :o)

Why don't you get them officially released?
During 1999, Greg Brooks, The Queen archivist, contacted me with a view to getting my Queen and related tracks released in some official capacity. There was also some talk of my mixes being re-recorded on professional equipment. My mixes were sent on CD to Jim Beech who is Queen's manager, producer and general top bod. He hasn't listened to them AFAIK but that is normal according to Greg. With all the recent Queen releases, The box sets and DVDs, I guess my mixes have been put on the back burner for now but I am still in occasional contact with Greg.

Update! One of them has been officially 'released' on the Return Of The Champions DVD and the mix, "It's a Beautiful Day" remix, is being used on the intro tape on the current tour.

But that mix is listed as being by DJ Koma or some other guy and not you!
tt may well be but the music is mine.
: I haven't been keeping up with the latest tour developments and I've been pretty much out of the Queen loop for a while. So imagine my shock when I got an email from my old pal Bart Lammey, fellow Queen fanmixer, asking "if I was famous now"!

I had no idea what he was on about and some frantic internet digging later revealed that someone, a DJ Koma from Russia had used my Track 13 inspired song and mixed some of It's a Beautiful Day through it.

Collating rumours from various sources, it appears that Brian May had somehow gotten hold of it, liked it and there its been on the intro tape to nearly every gig on the current tour!

I still dont know the full details as no one bothered to contact me about the mix, not even DJ Koma. See my blog for my full thoughts on all of this.

But it is thrilling to discover that one of my mixes has "made it", ironically the one that had no Queen content in it, one of my few originals!

You can download the mix that is being used on the tour here and you can grab the original mix here.

What mixes are you working on now?
None, at the moment.
I feel my ideas outweigh my means. That is I would need the separate vocal, guitar, drums etc etc tracks to do my ideas justice. So barring any flashes of inspiration to mix the album versions, and my dissapointment with the outcome of the contract I signed regarding the released mix, I don't think I will be doing any more mixes soon.


Queen + Paul Rogers

Now that you have heard the Live CD with PR, what do you think?

What I wrote below, I think I jumped the gun. Paul Rogers does a fantastic job carrying off the Queen classics. Fair enough, he sings them in his style which might piss off the hardcore Queen fanatics.

I think that Brian and Rog could sing more songs and that tracks such as Breakthru and The Invisible Man could be played.

What I try and remember is that Queen as it is now is an *evolution* and not PR trying to fill Freddie's shoes. I liken the situation to Steve Hogarth taking over from Fish in Marillion. They both have their different ways of singing the songs.

What do you think about the news that Queen are going to be touring with Paul Rogers soon?

As I'm not overly familiar with Paul Rogers so I cant really say but from the performance that I saw on some recent music awards of Queen + PR, I can't say I'm overly impressed.

IMO, Queen could and should have found a much better vocalist. Jeff Scott Soto, Chris Thompson, David Bowie, Meatloaf and Matt Morton could have carried some of the back catalogue far far better. Even Brian and Rog on vocals would have been preferable.

I dont even know if you can really call it "Queen" now seeing as John is not involved any more. Its more a case of The Brian May Band with Roger Taylor and Paul Rogers, if you want to be geekish.

But as the Queen brand makes more money, I'm not surprised they are using it.

The Tour
Its great that they are touring again but why did they snub Scotland again?! They can get to many European countries and have many gigs in England but they cant find the time etc to travel the extra hundred miles over the border. I'm disappointed.


The Unreleased Material

According to various sources on the net, the Box set of unreleased material, demos etc will now not happen. The carrot on the stick that Queen have dangled for us fans looks certain not to be released.

Instead each album will be remastered and rereleased (again!) with a bonus disk featuring demos and b-sides.

Buts that's good news, surely?
Yes and No.

It's good that this material will be available to us mortals and not just the die hard collectors ("elites" anyone?) but why oh why must Queen package them with yet another bloody rerelease of the albums. WE ALREADY HAVE THEM!!! And several copies of each probably! ie.e the vinyl, the CD, The US version CD etc etc etc.

It seems to me as if Queen are really milking the fans on this one. Its bad enough the endless Greatest Hits, Queen Rocks, the loosely related Queen musical and the GH DVDs but this one takes the biscuit.

I'm sorry but talking as one patient Queen fan and as much as I would like to hear the unreleased stuff, I for one will not be buying them. I refuse to be forced to buy the albums yet again just so I can hear some new material.

Have a listen to the Barenaked Ladies song, "Box Set". :o)

Must-Have Mixes:
Love Of My Life (Floss Mix)
Love On A Tightrope (Floss Mix)
We Will Rock You (Christmas Mix)



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