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The Floss Mixes - MP3

Queen MP3 News:
Quite a few previously very rare Queen tracks have leaked onto the net.
Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson -  "State Of Shock" and "There Must Be More To Life Than This".
Also leaked is "The Miracle Medley" : My Baby Loves Me, I Guess We Are Falling Out, Hang On In There, A New Life Is Born, I Want It All.
The Convention track, "Dog With A Bone" has also been leaked in full soundboard quality
Roger Taylor: "One Night Stand" in full clean soundboard quality. "Celebration" - An unreleased RT track noted among collectors as from the Strange Frontier era but it sounds very like Clayton Moss on the guitar and Peter Noone on backing vocals at the end so I suspect it could be a Cross track from around the time of Shove It.
Roger Taylor - Keep On Running - A previously unreleased cover from the Strange Frontier album reported to feature Freddie on backing vocals.
Also leaked are three snippets from the "second" Garden Lodge tape. These snippets were obtained by me from Peter Freestone and were intended to be used in the Freddie Radio Programme that I worked on at Uni. I used them in a trade and due to a miscommunication they were traded on and subsequently leaked onto the Hub.
For more info on these tracks go to

MP3 Links

The links below are links to sites which have rare and currently officially unavailable material. These site are in no way connected with this site.

The Queen Hub:

You will need the program called Direct Connect. You can download it at
Then send an email to and ask TRS for a username and password.
To login you have to go settings
> Personal information. - Provide the username TRS sent to you by email

Do specify your connection! (Cable, DSL, 56K, T1, etc.)
> File Transfer - Specify your shared files as well as the folder you want files to be put into
> Interface - Skip this one
> Connection - Use direct connect in active mode. Port 411 . If this doesn't work try passive mode
Then go to connect and connect to: (when you are in Direct Connect)





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