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Queen - Need Your Loving Tonight  (Stripped Floss Mix)

A quick mix using one of the channels from the DVD Audio of the Game and the regular studio CD version along with some simple audio tweaking.  Simple but effective!

Download (2.80Mb)


Queen - Heaven For Everyone  (Moonshine Mix)

The ultimate mix of Heaven for Everyone.

Download (7.58Mb)

Queen - Innuendo (Psudo Live Mix)
Also known as the "Bootleg Live Mix"

" attempt at what might have been..."

Download (4.38Mb)


Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Dance Mix)

"...subtly uptempoed..."

Download (3.72Mb)

Queen - Radio Ga Ga  (Floss Mix)

"...classically mixed..."

Download (4.93Mb) - 7" version

Download (6.90Mb) - 12" extended version


Queen - Track 13 (Dance Mix)

This differs from other 'Floss Mixes' as it features none of the original material. The mix uses one of the little 'riffs' that you hear on Track 13 as a base and generally sounds quite similar to 13 and has a 'dance' type rhythm to it. It was actually done sometime last year (1998)

Download (3.08Mb)

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Floss Mix)

"...any way the wind blows..."

Download (5.43Mb)



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