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Queen - Under Pressure (Experimental Sonix Mix)

This is not a 'mix' in the traditional sense, but I was playing around with Cool Edit Pro and created a different rhythm and sonics for the song.

Download (2.28Mb)


Queen - Love Of My Life  (Brian & Freddie Duet Mix)

This is the ORIGINAL Brian and Freddie duet mix of LOML.

Download (3.73Mb)

Queen - Headlong  (Floss Mix)

" attempt at a 12" Extended mix. Hoop diddy diddy hoop diddy doo..."

This was one of the first Flossmixes and as a result the bass is slightly overpowering, so watch your speakers!

Download (3.73Mb)


Queen - One Vision

One Vision - Alternate Vision

Featuring alternate lyrics that never made it onto the final version!

Download (3.41Mb)

One Vision - Long Vision

Download (7.98Mb)

Queen (Brian May) - Hammer To Fall

"...the slow version from the Paris 1998 gig with the fast part from the Brixton 1993 show..."

Download (5.51Mb)


Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You

"...a subtle mix of the Brian solo version, Queen version, Brian Guitar version and the "Back To The Light" tour version..."

Download (5.44Mb)

Queen - We Will Rock You (Christmas Mix)

"...We Will Rock You... with (jingle) bells on..."

Download (2.91Mb) Mix 1

Download (2.96Mb) Mix 2



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